In 2011, with the launch of the Hi Tobacco brand, HBT presented the Roll-Your-Own universe to the Brazilian tobacco market. The courage to innovate in the traditional Brazilian tobacco market meant that HBT stood out and gained space in the tobacco shops and Head Shops throughout the country. But more than this, HBT was responsible for the construction of the rolling tobacco market in Brazil, which is still unknown in the country.

With a cool name and visual appeal, Hi Tobacco, the first 100% Brazilian rolling tobacco, became one of the best parts of young adults’ lives, who work for a better world and have respect for nature inserted in their lifestyle.

The factory located in the city of Santa Cruz do Sul, the national capital of tobacco (the city owns the largest smoke processing complex in the world and is home to companies such as Souza Cruz, of the BAT group, and Philip Morris), allows HBT growers to have free access to crops and tobacco processes. As a result, HBT offers a 100% Brazilian tobacco, free of additives and with all the quality of a Virginia. With all these offered attributes, the Hi Tobacco brand earned not only the heart of Brazilian consumers, but also the preference from the markets of Chile, Japan, Argentina and Taiwan.

From just one product offered at its inception, HBT now has 18 items in its portfolio. As well as Hi Tobacco and its smoking accessories, the business still maintains another rolling tobacco brand, Rainbow, which is even more cool and appealing to the freedom of choice as a human.

All of this serves as a reminder that HBT has two rolling tobacco leaders with unbeaten sales in the sector in Brazil and that you have the opportunity to have the distribution of the most desired brands by Brazilians in your country.



We pursue to develop distinctive and innovative products with high quality in the rolling tobacco segment delivering to consumers a new concept of MYO (Making Your Own cigarette) and a new smoking experience.


We aim to be a reference in the domestic market as the first company to supply a 100% Brazilian brand recognized worldwide in the rolling tobacco market by supplying a product with greater purity and free of chemicals.


– Ethics

– Customer Respect

– Product quality

– Innovation

– Team work

– Continuous improvement

– Responsibility in actions