InterTabac Fair ...

InterTabac Fair 2018 closes with positive outcome for HBT

From 21 to 23 September, tobacco and smoking accessory companies from around the world met in Germany to do business, show their products and get to know the latest innovations in the market. HBT and aLeda, the pioneers of the Roll-Your-Own sector in Brazil, were together at the InterTabac Fair and returned to Brazil with reasons to commemorate.

The InterTabac Fair 2018 did a retrospective on its 40th anniversary and confirmed, once again, its position as the most important tobacco and smoking accessories fair in the world. In Dortmund, Germany, 625 visitors from 54 countries participated in this year’s edition that was held between the eight pavilions of Westfalenhallen.

The growth in the number of visitors – 12% more than 2017 – surprised all the participants. In total, 12,500 visitors from all continents around the world were present during the three-day fair.

HBT – present with its Hi Tobacco and Rainbow brands – shared its space with aLeda and King Paper of GRV Import and Export, resulting in a positive return to Brazil with good business achieved. “From the last four years, this was the most special edition of the fair for us,” said Giorgio Volonghi, the Managing Partner of HBT and GRV Import and Export.

“In truth, it was a big moment for the HBT and GRV teams. I cannot reveal the reasons for my satisfaction with the InterTabac Fair 2018. All I can say is that very good things are going to happen with our brands.”


For the fourth consecutive year, InterSupply accompanied the InterTabac Fair, with its focus on tobacco production and electronic cigarettes in Hall 3B of Westfalenhallen.

InterSupply attracted 114 exhibitors from 35 countries. The visitors went to the fair searching for raw tobacco, blends, flavours and additives, packaging material and machinery in general.

The date of the next InterTabac Fair and InterSupply was already announced by the organisation of the event and will take place on September 20-22, 2019.




Brazil’s most ...

Brazil’s most colourful family offers natural and high quality organic tobacco.

The Rainbow brand entered slowly into the Brazilian ‘Roll-Your-Own’ market, with just one version of rolled tobacco, Silver Bright. The silver packaged product with rainbow colours on its side has, in recent years, gained a special place in the preference of adult smokers.



With a clear type of tobacco, light taste and sweet aroma, from the leaf itself, Rainbow stood out in the national RYO sector. At the end of 2016, the brand gained another addition, the Rainbow Golden Brown. This product offered the market a blend of selected Virginia tobacco leaves, cultivated from 100% organic crops – free of pesticides and chemical additives.

With packaging developed in kraft paper, it catches the attention of consumers at the points of sale, due to the quality finish, sophistication and beauty. Not to mention that the colour and paper used facilitates the identification of the product as organic.



5 things that ev...

5 things that everyone asks about HBT and its products.

We’ve put together the most frequently asked questions on our Social Networks and our SAC and share the answers here with you. After all, their questions may also be your questions!


1)What is the difference between Hi Tobacco and Rainbow?

HBT ANSWER: There are two different brands, both from Hi Brasil Tobacco – or HBT.

Hi Tobacco is available in 3 versions: Hi Tobacco Golden Virginia (the famous yellow one), Hi Tobacco Virginia Blend (100% organic) and Hi Tobacco Dark Fire (blue packaging and dark tobacco).

The Rainbow family consists of Rainbow Silver Bright (Natural Tobacco) and Rainbow Golden Brown (100% organic).


2) What are the differences between Natural and Organic Tobacco? And what are the HBT organic tobaccos?

HBT ANSWER: The differences are in planting and leaf care.

Natural tobacco has the standard planting, which most people know or have seen in photos. However, if the treatment in the crops is “common”, in our factory this tobacco receives a special treatment, being free of any chemical additives or flavorings; that is, the aroma and the flavor of our natural tobaccos come from the leaf itself.

With the organic tobacco, care begins even before planting. The preparation of the soil lasts from 24 to 36 months, keeping the soil 100% free of pesticides. The crop is certified and monitored by a certifying agency. When this tobacco comes to our factory, it is kept separated from the others to avoid contamination.

Products that are made with organic tobaccos: Hi Tobacco Virginia Blend and Rainbow Golden Brown.


3) I bought your tobacco and it came in tablets. Should I exchange it?

HBT ANSWER: Our tobaccos are packaged in tablets. This makes the aroma, taste and properties of tobacco last longer. So, it is okay if the tobacco is in tablets.


4) Does HBT test on animals?

HBT ANSWER: NEVER! Ever. With all the advances of science and technology it would be unthinkable to do so. HBT family is passionate about animals and nature. This practice goes against all our principles.


  • Are HBT and aLeda the same company?

No. They are not the same company. What happens is that the owners of aLeda also make up the board of partner owners of HBT. That is why we consider ourselves a great family and we are often together in events. But HBT is located in Rio Grande do Sul and has 1 office in SP and aLeda is totally located in São Paulo. But, all in all, we form a group, got it?




Hi Brasil Tobacc...

Volonghi se mostra otimista para 2018.

Hi Brasil Tobacco’s Managing Partner takes stock of 2017 and is optimistic for 2018.


Expectations for business in 2018 are “the best possible”. For HBT’s managing director, Renato Volonghi, 2018 promises to be a great year for the company. And what about the dreaded financial recession? This is a thing of the past. According to Volonghi the company will reap the results of its efforts in recent years. And he also guarantees: new products are coming.

1) In your evaluation, how was the year 2017 for HBT?
2017 was a great year for HBT. We intensified our work in Brazil, increased the distribution here and expanded our export. In addition to having strengthened our relationship with Argentina and Chile, we have started business with Japan in the past year. The country is one of the world’s largest markets for hand rolling tobacco. That is why starting business with Japan means a lot to the company.

2) 2018: What are your expectations for business?
The best ones possible. In 2017 we faced a financial recession in Brazil, which required us much control and planning, but 2018 has started off very well, with good prospects and businesses going on. I am sure we will, in this year, reap the results of all our choices and investments of the past few years.

3) Should customers wait for news on products?
Absolutely. We cannot stop, we need to keep innovating, right? Our Marketing team is always tuned to the new products and trends of the market. Soon, new products from our brands will be available for sale.

4) Hi Brasil Tobacco started in 2011 with only 1 product in its portfolio. Today, 7 years later, it has more than 16 own products in its catalog and Hi Tobacco is the most commercialized hand rolling tobacco brand in Brazil and Santiago (Chile). To what do you attribute the success of the company?
I believe it has been a set of factors that, worked in a team, has resulted in this success. But, in my opinion, one point stands out: Quality has always been a priority for us. No matter the market situation or the financial return of the moment, we were always looking for the best product in terms of quality tobacco, differentiated packaging and innovative brand concept. We have never given up having quality in all our processes. And we keep pursuing this goal. We know, for sure, that we can always improve, but this effort to deliver quality products has been recognized by the market.

5) More and more the Government has been cracking down on tobacco companies. In May this year there will be changes in the packaging, which will reduce the exposure of the brand in the product. And, other changes have already been announced regarding the exposure of Displays at points of sale for the next few years. What do you think of these measures adopted by the Government? Does this “mess up” HBT business?
In a way, it does. After all, every time the Law changes we have to change our packaging, collect the “old ones” and print new ones. But, we already know that the tobacco market is like that and we are always tuned to these issues, precisely to reduce the costs and impacts on the brand. This is the game: the Government does their share, sets the rules, and we follow our business. We cannot panic over requirements, on the contrary, we have to look at them and search for smart solutions for our business.


Now it’s for r...

Now it’s for real: Hi Tobacco is in Japan

Export of Hi Brasil Tobacco products to Japan was held in early October.

Negotiations between HBT and a major Japanese tobacco distributor, which began during the 2015 edition of InterTabac Fair, were fully completed at the beginning of October with the shipment of the products to Japan.

The tobacco market in Japan received the number 1 brand of Brazilian hand-rolling tobacco, Hi Tobacco. The three versions of the brand, Golden Virginia, 100% Additive Free and Dark Fire Blend abroad – have received packages developed specifically for the customer and will be marketed throughout Japan.

“Exporting to Japan is undoubtedly the biggest step we are taking as a company. The country has one of the largest markets for hand-rolling tobacco consumption in the world and this increases our responsibility with the quality of the product we are sending, but I trust our team, who has worked hard to make everything happen in the best possible way. Congratulations to everybody at HBT! I am very happy with this moment we are living”, Alexsandro Ferreira, Hi Brasil Tobacco’s Managing Director.


HBT closes its p...


HBT closes its participation at the InterTabac Fair 2017 with a positive result

From the 22nd to the 24th of September, the world’s largest tobacco and smoking accessories companies got together to do business in Westfalenhallen, Dortmund.

465 companies from 48 countries. This was the number of exhibitors at the InterTabac Fair 2017. The world’s largest fair for tobacco and smoking accessories, once again in Germany, exceeded the expectations of the HBT groups, aLeda and Show Cigars, which joined forces during the three days of the fair and welcomed more than 1,700 people who visited the event.

“The InterTabac Fair is extremely important to the HBT & aLeda group. During these 3 days we received, in our stand, clients and possible clients from more than 40 countries. We did not stop for a minute, we made contacts, exchanged ideas and many of the meetings we had during the fair were undoubtedly the beginning of great businesses, just like it was with Japan”, according to Renato Volonghi, HBT and aLeda’s Managing Director, referring to the fact that today HBT exports to Japan and started the business during the InterTabac 2015. “In order to do business with other countries, it is important that they trust in our companies and nothing better than this space, provided by the fair, to meet the clients, look them in the eye, have some coffee, taste the tobacco and start a relationship that will be beneficial to both”.

The importance of the InterTabac Fair goes beyond business. During the exhibition many companies launched new products and showed the innovations of the tobacco market. Suppliers of different types of smoking accessories exhibited their products and presented their portfolios. “The fair was also a moment to update and feel where the tobacco and smoking accessories market is heading to. There’s no doubt the balance was 100% positive”, concluded Volonghi.



Ready for Japan

Hi Tobacco Japão

Ready for Japan

The number one Brazilian brand of roll-your-own tobacco, Hi Tobacco, will soon be marketed in Japan.

The dearest Brazilian roll-your-own tobacco family, Hi Tobacco, will soon go to Japan. A partnership between HBT and a large Japanese tobacco distributor, initiated during the InterTabac Fair 2016 (International Trade Fair for Tobacco Products and Smoking Accessories, which happens every year in Germany), has been established and is bringing good business for the company. However, before the export begins, the HBT team needs to work hard on some pre-shipment processes. One is the approval of the packaging layouts that will be shipped to Japan.

The good news is that the packaging of the three versions of Hi Tobacco (Golden Virginia, Dark Fire and Virginia Blend), developed especially for Japan, have already been approved by the Japanese customer and printed last week. “We are about to take an important step, which is to export to Japan, one of the world’s largest rolling tobacco market, and I believe these processes need to be shared with all those who, above all, have always believed in our brand and motivated us to grow. I want everyone to be excited about these events, just the way we are!” according to Giorgio Volonghi, Hi Brasil Tobacco Commercial Director.

The export of HBT products to Japan is expected to take place in early September.

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Hi Tobacco Virgi...

Hi Tobacco Virginia Blend’s new packaging was released during Tattoo Week 2017

Last Sunday, July 16, Hi Brasil Tobacco officially launched the Hi Tobacco Virginia Blend’s new packaging. The launch event took place in São Paulo during Tattoo Week, the world’s largest tattoo and body piercing convention, where HBT exhibited its brands at the Orange House Brazil Stand. Two Directors of the company, Giorgio and Renato Volonghi, presented the new packaging of the product to the public. “It is a huge satisfaction to launch this new packaging, which, with all due respect, is extremely beautiful, alongside our friends and partners“, HBT Commercial Director, Giorgio Volonghi.

The once red packaging has now embraced the organic universe: it has been developed on Kraft paper, maintaining the natural aspect of the paper fiber, and now contains three layers of materials such as eco-friendly PET, velcro and zipper to improve conservation.

New packaging, same product. The tobacco needs no introduction. The 100% organic Virginia, already known and approved by our customers, has a mild taste and delicious aroma. To ensure the absolute quality of Hi Tobacco Virginia Blend, dedication starts in the farms. For a tobacco to be 100% organic, it must have the soil and planting free of pesticides, followed by a certifying agency, and, in the processing, be separated from the others. That is the way HBT cares about its products and customers.


Are you going to...

Are you going to visit InterTabac Fair? Come and visit HBT Stand!

For the third consecutive year, Hi Brasil Tobacco will participate in the largest tobacco and smoking accessories fair in the world, the InterTabac Fair.

The fair, which takes place every year in Dortmund, Germany, will take place between 22-24 September. More than 500 companies from different countries have already confirmed their presence.

For the company’s Commercial Director, Giorgio Volonghi, “one of the most valuable things of the fair is meeting our customers. It is very gratifying and extremely important for all of us to have a space with our style and receive those who make our company greater“.

In 2017, Hi Brasil Tobacco will be present through its brands Hi Tobacco, Rainbow and Coronel Palheiro and once again will share a space with GRV Import. and Export., which owns the brands aLeda, Blunt Master, King Blunt and King Paper. The news, however, is the company Show Cigars Inc, from the United States, which will also be part of the fair with the conglomerate of Brazilian companies. Owner of the brands Show Blunt Cone, Show Blunt Size Wrap, Z Palma and Hemp Zone, this will be the first time of the North American company at the InterTabac Fair.

HBT stand will be in Hall 6, Stand 6. B34, Westfalenhallen. Volongui concludes, “whoever is at the fair will be very welcome to go to our stand and enjoy the best Brazilian rolling tobacco“.


Hi Tobacco Organ...

Hi Tobacco Organic’s new packaging will be launched during Tattoo Week, in São Paulo.

The largest tattoo and body piercing convention in the world, TATTOO WEEK reaches its 7th edition. The event takes place in São Paulo, on July 14, 15 and 16, 2017, in the red pavilion of Expocenter Norte. Not only will HBT be present at the event, but will also launch new packaging of its brand.

Popularizing the art of tattooing in the country, promoting the international exchange among professionals and integrating the public that appreciates the so-called skin art, while presenting the latest trends – from styles to product launches – are some of the commitments assumed by the organizers of Tattoo Week São Paulo – which has already held memorable events over the years.

Supporting events that promote art in all of its forms is more than a company’s commitment, it is a wish of all of us Directors and HBT collaborators. We have promptly accepted Orange House Brazil Coffee Shop’s invitation to support this fair and we will be there interacting with our clients and friends, offering gifts. It will be awesome to launch the new Hi Tobacco packaging there!”, according to Hi Brasil Tobacco Commercial Director, Giorgio Volonghi.

HBT will be present through its brands Hi Tobacco, Rainbow and Coronel Palheiro, at the Orange House Brazil’s stand. “Orange House will own this space, but we will be there supporting and making this event happen. All our partners are already invited to be present and, first hand, get to know the new packaging of Hi Tobacco 100% Organic“, added Volonghi.

The state-of-the-art infrastructure will ensure that all exhibitors can show their work on a large scale during the three days of activities. This year the organizers Enio Conte and Esther Gawendo expect to reach a public of more than 70,000 people. There will be lots of attractions to attract these people during these 3 days. To learn more, visit the Tattoo Week 2017 website.


Do you know the ...

Do you know the difference between NATURAL and ORGANIC tobacco – and the expiration date of each one of them?

In the past few months there have been many questions about the difference between our natural and organic tobacco. Many even asked which versions of Hi Tobacco and Rainbow are made with natural tobacco and which with organic.

This publication was thought to clarify these questions:

– Natural Tobacco: During the industrialization process, the natural tobacco does NOT go through treatments that use any kind of  chemical substances. In addition, they do not receive any flavoring. Its aroma and flavor are derived from the tobacco leaf itself.

Versions using natural Tobacco: Hi Tobacco: Golden Virginia and Dark Fire, also the Rainbow Silver Bright.

Shelf life: 13 months

How to store: keep in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight, moisture and heat. Keep the boxes away from the wall.

– Organic Tobacco: The difference starts even before planting. The soil is intensely prepared: the land does not receive any pesticides or chemical fertilizers for three years. During the preparation of crops, producers are accompanied by a certification company and receive all necessary guidelines for the organic tobacco cultivation – with no harms to the environment. In storage, it is kept away from the others to prevent contamination. You will see the difference at your first smoke!

Versions using Organic Tobacco: Hi Tobacco Virginia Blend and Rainbow Golden Brown.

Shelf life: up to 9 months

How to store: keep in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight, moisture and heat. Keep the boxes away from the wall.



HBT confirmed pa...

HBT confirmed participation in the 38th edition of the InterTabac Fair

For the third consecutive year, Hi Brazil Tobacco will be at the world’s largest trade fair of tobacco products and accessories, the InterTabac Fair. The fair will take place on September 22, 23 and 24, in the city of DortmundGermany, and will have more than 500 exhibitors from different countries.

“The participation of HBT at InterTabac means a lot to the growth of the company. During the fair we share a lot of information about the industry, get to know the market launches and, of course, take the opportunity to start great businesses”, explained the Managing Partner of HBT, Giorgio Volonghi.

This year around 80 companies will be presenting their own stands at the exhibition for the first time. The largest groups of new exhibitors are from China, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, and the USA. New guests from Armenia, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, the Dominican Republic, France, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Italy, Jordan, Croatia, Mexico, the Netherlands, Pakistan, Poland, Republic of Korea, Romania, Switzerland, Spain, and Turkey are exhibiting as well. For years, an above-average share of international exhibitors have participated in InterTabac.


What is RYO and ...

What is RYO and MYO?

If you have read our last post you have already found out that Roll-Your-Own is the name given to the culture of “rolling your own” cigarette and that the acronym RYO is used to refer to this expression. But then, what does MYO mean? The acronym is used to refer to the expression Make-Your-Own, which in free translation into Portuguese means “faça o seu próprio“.Roll-Your-Own

At this point you must be asking yourself: Do “RYO” and “MYO” mean the same thing? ”


Differences go beyond names. With RYO you roll your own cigarette, which means, you put the tobacco inside a cigarette paper, a filter on the tip and roll it up with your own hands or with the aid of a rolling machine. With MYO you customize your cigarette. That’s it, you use an empty tube (which comes with filter) and fill it with your favorite tobacco, with the help of the filling machine.

Some people say that the second option is a simpler and easier way to make your own cigarette. But we know that there are many out there who do not need a rolling machine and even less a filling machine.

The choice is up to each one, right? There are plenty of options to make your own cigarette.


How about making...

How about making your own cigarette?

Making your own cigarette has become commonplace in Brazil. But why are smokers leaving the industrialized cigarette aside and embracing this new “culture”?

The so-called “ROLL-YOUR-OWN” culture has emerged as a business in Europe for over 200 years, when the first tobacco rolling paper brands came up as a way to personalize your own cigarette.

Since then, this market has only grown. A study conducted in 2009 by a research company called Matrix Insights, from Europe, found that:

– Global sales of industrialized cigarettes in the EU decreased from 793.7 billion euros in 2000 to 608.8 billion euros in 2010 (a decrease of 23.3%).

– Meanwhile, global sales of Roll-Your-Own (RYO) increased from 53.1 thousand tons in 2000 to 75.5 thousand tons in 2010 (an increase of 42.2%).

– This increase in RYO consumption is equivalent to 12% of the reduction in the consumption of industrialized cigarettes.

According to this survey, the market size of RYO tobacco in 2010 was 75.5 tons throughout the EU, representing a 42% increase in market size compared to 2000, when 53 thousand tons of RYO were sold throughout the EU. And the tendency is to keep growing. That means, in the Old Continent the Roll-Your-Own culture is already consolidated and research shows even more growth for the coming years. In Brazil, the scenario is a bit different. The RYO as a business has recently arrived. As far as we know, in 2010, with the foundation of Hi Brasil Tobacco, which launched the first rolling tobacco brand: Hi Tobacco. The reason for this preference, both here and in Europe, is economy.

That is because, the tax under this tobacco is lower than the industrialized cigarette tax. Therefore, the product offers savings for the consumer: with 1 bag containing 35 grams of tobacco and which costs, on average, R$18.00 is possible to make up to 60 cigarettes. Yet the cigarette box, which has around 8-12 grams of tobacco, distributed in 20 cigarettes, costs, on average, R$ 8.00.

Another motivation of Brazilians to roll their own cigarettes is that with this, smokers end up consuming fewer cigarettes throughout the day, because making their own cigarette takes time. Another advantage: they can also opt for a 100% organic or natural tobacco, and totally free of chemical additives, such as flavorings. These are some of the reasons that are making the RYO culture well known among Brazilians and a rising business.





Tobacco Pop Star

Tobacco Pop Star

The Hi Tobacco brand  was chosen by the musician Diego Thug, from Bonde da Stronda. 

Pic from Instagram: @diegothug


Organic tobacco:...

Organic tobacco: less harmful to the smoker and the farmer and environmentally friendly.

Hi Brasil Tobacco, since its foundation, aims to provide pure tobacco and less harmful to the health of the smoker. Guided by this desire, it has invested in organic tobaccos. Thus, it provides a 100% chemical-free tobacco.

Not to mention that the cultivation of this leaf is made free of pesticides. This ensures well-being for farmers who, in many cases, end up getting sick from daily contact with pesticides. In an organic tobacco crop they are free from handling chemicals.

But having a certified organic plantation requires patience and a lot of willpower. Planting organic tobacco requires dedication from farmers. There are many requirements made by the certifying company. Sometimes it takes a few years of soil preparation for this planting to happen. Then, around the cultivated areas, natural barriers are made in the vegetation that protect the plants from external influences, especially from the pesticides used in the neighboring crops. Only organic products such as manure are used throughout the process. And more: the crops undergo periodic inspections and without any notice.

However, even if the classification and commercialization of this type of tobacco obeys the same ordinance of the Ministry of Agriculture, this tobacco is more valued at the time of sale, and reaches a price of up to 60% more per kilo – which is a bonus for the tobacco grower who dedicates to planting organic tobacco.


Double care at every step

Organic tobacco farming must comply with all control steps and field records, from planting, harvesting, marketing, storage, transportation, processing and export.

Moreover, regarding organic tobacco, all operations are strictly inspected so that there is no contamination of the products. Even after being packed, in the HBT factory, the organic tobaccos are kept separate from the others.

Undoubtedly, a new paradigm in the field and that directly reflects on the health of those who produce and consume organic tobacco, and, of course, help preserve the environment with sustainable agriculture.

These are just a few reasons why HBT became the pioneer in the rolling tobacco field and has opted for 100% organic tobacco.


Our 100% Additive-Free Tobaccos!

Rainbow Golden Brown

Hi Tobacco Virginia Blend!


You must to know...

You must to know this!

The best way to get to know all the quality of the first 100% Brazilian brand of rolling tobacco.

Our Promotional Kit contains Golden Virginia, Virginia Blend and Dark Fire in 25-gram pouches each, and the accessories you need to have the unique experience of rolling your own cigarette: a rolling machine (78mm), 130 filters and a booklet of the exclusive cigarette rolling paper (78mm).

The box is a great gift suggestion and a great way to get the best tobaccos to roll all at once.


The number one R...

The number one Roll-Your-Own Tobacco

Hi Tobacco is the number one RYO Tobacco in Brazil. All over the country, girls and boys just ask for Hi Tobacco at the Tobacco Store.