Organic tobacco: less harmful to the smoker and the farmer and environmentally friendly.

Hi Brasil Tobacco, since its foundation, aims to provide pure tobacco and less harmful to the health of the smoker. Guided by this desire, it has invested in organic tobaccos. Thus, it provides a 100% chemical-free tobacco.

Not to mention that the cultivation of this leaf is made free of pesticides. This ensures well-being for farmers who, in many cases, end up getting sick from daily contact with pesticides. In an organic tobacco crop they are free from handling chemicals.

But having a certified organic plantation requires patience and a lot of willpower. Planting organic tobacco requires dedication from farmers. There are many requirements made by the certifying company. Sometimes it takes a few years of soil preparation for this planting to happen. Then, around the cultivated areas, natural barriers are made in the vegetation that protect the plants from external influences, especially from the pesticides used in the neighboring crops. Only organic products such as manure are used throughout the process. And more: the crops undergo periodic inspections and without any notice.

However, even if the classification and commercialization of this type of tobacco obeys the same ordinance of the Ministry of Agriculture, this tobacco is more valued at the time of sale, and reaches a price of up to 60% more per kilo – which is a bonus for the tobacco grower who dedicates to planting organic tobacco.


Double care at every step

Organic tobacco farming must comply with all control steps and field records, from planting, harvesting, marketing, storage, transportation, processing and export.

Moreover, regarding organic tobacco, all operations are strictly inspected so that there is no contamination of the products. Even after being packed, in the HBT factory, the organic tobaccos are kept separate from the others.

Undoubtedly, a new paradigm in the field and that directly reflects on the health of those who produce and consume organic tobacco, and, of course, help preserve the environment with sustainable agriculture.

These are just a few reasons why HBT became the pioneer in the rolling tobacco field and has opted for 100% organic tobacco.


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