5 things that everyone asks about HBT and its products.

We’ve put together the most frequently asked questions on our Social Networks and our SAC and share the answers here with you. After all, their questions may also be your questions!


1)What is the difference between Hi Tobacco and Rainbow?

HBT ANSWER: There are two different brands, both from Hi Brasil Tobacco – or HBT.

Hi Tobacco is available in 3 versions: Hi Tobacco Golden Virginia (the famous yellow one), Hi Tobacco Virginia Blend (100% organic) and Hi Tobacco Dark Fire (blue packaging and dark tobacco).

The Rainbow family consists of Rainbow Silver Bright (Natural Tobacco) and Rainbow Golden Brown (100% organic).


2) What are the differences between Natural and Organic Tobacco? And what are the HBT organic tobaccos?

HBT ANSWER: The differences are in planting and leaf care.

Natural tobacco has the standard planting, which most people know or have seen in photos. However, if the treatment in the crops is “common”, in our factory this tobacco receives a special treatment, being free of any chemical additives or flavorings; that is, the aroma and the flavor of our natural tobaccos come from the leaf itself.

With the organic tobacco, care begins even before planting. The preparation of the soil lasts from 24 to 36 months, keeping the soil 100% free of pesticides. The crop is certified and monitored by a certifying agency. When this tobacco comes to our factory, it is kept separated from the others to avoid contamination.

Products that are made with organic tobaccos: Hi Tobacco Virginia Blend and Rainbow Golden Brown.


3) I bought your tobacco and it came in tablets. Should I exchange it?

HBT ANSWER: Our tobaccos are packaged in tablets. This makes the aroma, taste and properties of tobacco last longer. So, it is okay if the tobacco is in tablets.


4) Does HBT test on animals?

HBT ANSWER: NEVER! Ever. With all the advances of science and technology it would be unthinkable to do so. HBT family is passionate about animals and nature. This practice goes against all our principles.


  • Are HBT and aLeda the same company?

No. They are not the same company. What happens is that the owners of aLeda also make up the board of partner owners of HBT. That is why we consider ourselves a great family and we are often together in events. But HBT is located in Rio Grande do Sul and has 1 office in SP and aLeda is totally located in São Paulo. But, all in all, we form a group, got it?