Hi Tobacco Virginia Blend’s new packaging was released during Tattoo Week 2017

Last Sunday, July 16, Hi Brasil Tobacco officially launched the Hi Tobacco Virginia Blend’s new packaging. The launch event took place in São Paulo during Tattoo Week, the world’s largest tattoo and body piercing convention, where HBT exhibited its brands at the Orange House Brazil Stand. Two Directors of the company, Giorgio and Renato Volonghi, presented the new packaging of the product to the public. “It is a huge satisfaction to launch this new packaging, which, with all due respect, is extremely beautiful, alongside our friends and partners“, HBT Commercial Director, Giorgio Volonghi.

The once red packaging has now embraced the organic universe: it has been developed on Kraft paper, maintaining the natural aspect of the paper fiber, and now contains three layers of materials such as eco-friendly PET, velcro and zipper to improve conservation.

New packaging, same product. The tobacco needs no introduction. The 100% organic Virginia, already known and approved by our customers, has a mild taste and delicious aroma. To ensure the absolute quality of Hi Tobacco Virginia Blend, dedication starts in the farms. For a tobacco to be 100% organic, it must have the soil and planting free of pesticides, followed by a certifying agency, and, in the processing, be separated from the others. That is the way HBT cares about its products and customers.