The old-fashioned straw cigarette is redesigned by Hi Brasil Tobacco.

Do you know the brand Coronel Palheiro?

Everybody knows that Hi Brasil Tobacco was the pioneer in the Rolling Tobacco field in Brazil, creating the brands Hi Tobacco and Rainbow. In addition to these tobaccos, the company is also a producer of Straw Cigarettes – and that may be new to you.

HBT has redesigned the old straw cigarette custom, delivering the cigarette rolled up and ready to be smoked. There are 20 straw cigarettes that come in a stylish box. The brand Coronel Palheiro has 2 versions: Original Blend and Dark Fire Blend.

In the first, the good old rope tobacco, grown in Brazilian crops, is rolled up in corn husks and it brings an extremely smooth smoking experience. Yet the Dark Fire Blend version has the eccentric flavor of smoked tobacco found in our Hi Tobacco Dark Fire – it’s the Hi Tobacco rolled up in corn husks. The result is a distinctive and remarkable taste cigarette. Both versions of Colonel Palheiro are handmade in Minas Gerais, the cradle of straw cigarette.

Coronel Palheiro developed by Hi Brasil Tobacco offers a connection with tradition and our roots, however, with the facility of having the straw cigarette in your pocket, anywhere.