Ready for Japan

The number one Brazilian brand of roll-your-own tobacco, Hi Tobacco, will soon be marketed in Japan.

The dearest Brazilian roll-your-own tobacco family, Hi Tobacco, will soon go to Japan. A partnership between HBT and a large Japanese tobacco distributor, initiated during the InterTabac Fair 2016 (International Trade Fair for Tobacco Products and Smoking Accessories, which happens every year in Germany), has been established and is bringing good business for the company. However, before the export begins, the HBT team needs to work hard on some pre-shipment processes. One is the approval of the packaging layouts that will be shipped to Japan.

The good news is that the packaging of the three versions of Hi Tobacco (Golden Virginia, Dark Fire and Virginia Blend), developed especially for Japan, have already been approved by the Japanese customer and printed last week. “We are about to take an important step, which is to export to Japan, one of the world’s largest rolling tobacco market, and I believe these processes need to be shared with all those who, above all, have always believed in our brand and motivated us to grow. I want everyone to be excited about these events, just the way we are!” according to Giorgio Volonghi, Hi Brasil Tobacco Commercial Director.

The export of HBT products to Japan is expected to take place in early September.