What is RYO and MYO?

If you have read our last post you have already found out that Roll-Your-Own is the name given to the culture of “rolling your own” cigarette and that the acronym RYO is used to refer to this expression. But then, what does MYO mean? The acronym is used to refer to the expression Make-Your-Own, which in free translation into Portuguese means “faça o seu próprio“.Roll-Your-Own

At this point you must be asking yourself: Do “RYO” and “MYO” mean the same thing? ”


Differences go beyond names. With RYO you roll your own cigarette, which means, you put the tobacco inside a cigarette paper, a filter on the tip and roll it up with your own hands or with the aid of a rolling machine. With MYO you customize your cigarette. That’s it, you use an empty tube (which comes with filter) and fill it with your favorite tobacco, with the help of the filling machine.

Some people say that the second option is a simpler and easier way to make your own cigarette. But we know that there are many out there who do not need a rolling machine and even less a filling machine.

The choice is up to each one, right? There are plenty of options to make your own cigarette.