Roll your own cigarette and enjoy a moment of your own.

After a tiring day, there is nothing more pleasurable than putting on your favorite band, sit on your favorite spot on the couch and enjoy a handmade cigarette that you rolled yourself.


Hi Brasil Tobacco was born to provide you with this unique experience, coupled with a differentiated smoking, personalized and with tobaccos that do not go through chemical processes. Not to mention that Roll-Your-Own culture is a rising market in Europe and North America.

Rolling your own cigarette is to make sure that you will smoke a high quality Brazilian tobacco, 100% free of pesticides, flavorings, distributed worldwide by HBT: the pioneer in hand-rolling tobacco in Brazil.



A different experience with every cigarette.

When you make your own cigarette, the experience is never the same. History never repeats itself.

What you would not find in a traditional cigarette box, you will find with Make-Your-Own by using different blends on each cigarette, putting in different amounts of tobacco, and counting on high quality natural and organic Brazilian tobacco, with no chemical additives.


In the Make-Your-Own culture, you make the cigarette using a CIGARETTE TUBE (with filter included), filling it with the help of the Cigarette ROLLING Machine. Different of the Roll-Your-Own culture, where you use cigarette paper, loose filter and roll the tobacco with your own hands – or with the rolling machine.

Making your own cigarette is to smoke with quality and have significant cost savings.